Each faction of Starfield will have its own beginning and we will be able to play as double agents

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 Each faction of Starfield will have its own beginning and we will be able to play as double agents

A new Starfield Dev Diary has been released today, in which four of the project’s main players have commented on news about Bethesda’s long-awaited and ambitious space RPG. In addition to showing for the first time one of the companions that we can have in the game, during the video new details of the faction system that we will find on our journey through the galaxy have also been given.

It is not the first time that those responsible for Starfield They talk about their factions and settlements: We were previously introduced to the main groups we will see in the game, such as the United Colonies and the Freestar Collective, as well as the pirates of the Crimson Fleet and the intrepid explorers of Constellation, but now they have been introduced. given new details about how our character can be integrated into these groups.

Different beginnings and ways of interacting

Each of the different factions will have its own narrative beginning that will give context to our character if we choose to join it; For example, if we go with Ryujin Industries, a corporatist offshoot of Starfieldwe’ll experience what Lead Mission Designer Will Shen describes as “one of the best starts of any faction” where we apply for a position with a mega-corporation and have to prove whether or not we measure up.


Another detail on which those responsible for Starfield is how the player can interact with the factions, focusing on the case of the Crimson Fleet: Todd Howard, project manager, explains that they are not only enemies, but that we can join them, and Emil Pagliarulo, design director, add that if a player wants roll As a good person, he can even become an ally or infiltrate this group of pirates in order to inform his superiors as a kind of police officer or double agent.

Starfield arrive on November 11 on Xbox Series X / S and PC, being available from the first day on Xbox Game Pass.

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