Embarrassing Game Achievements You Really Don't Want To Show Off

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Depending on who you ask, simply playing The Simpsons Game from EA Redwood Shores is a potential embarrassment, let alone earning its least noble of achievements. This licensed title released by Electronic Arts in 2007 was loosely connected to The Simpsons feature-length film, and is generally regarded as one of the lesser offerings in the long line of adaptations set in Matt Groening & Co.'s mythical Springfield. The AV Club didn't pull any punches in their critical assessment: "It's blunt, dumb, ridiculous, and almost never funny. Never mind that this action platformer is buggy, dull, and handles like wet cardboard, or that the faces look like they were drawn on an Etch-A-Sketch. A weak game could pass, if only it had some good laughs."

It turns out, some of those cheap laughs are on us. The achievement affectionately known as "Pwnd" will earn you zero gamerscore points. Its description reads, "Dude, need help? You've died, like, 10 times ...", and effectively captures the gloriously patronizing tones of Bartholomew JoJo Simpson in one fell swoop. To top it all off, you don't even need this achievement for 100% completion, so it really is little more than a reminder of your unforgiving time in the Springfield gutter.

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