Every Mainline Zelda Game Ranked From Worst To Best

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  Every Mainline Zelda Game Ranked From Worst To Best

Nintendo cornered the handheld gaming market fairly early with the Game Boy and its library of quality, pocket-sized titles. Even though the Game Boy doesn’t have the specs to take on Nintendo’s house-bound consoles, many of its games, including “The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening,” punch above their weight class.

“Link’s Awakening” should feel similar to anyone who played “A Link to the Past.” More importantly, outlets like Nintendo Life claim the handheld title manages to feel like a continuation of “A Link to the Past” in a good way. The main loop of entering dungeons, finding items, and defeating bosses is intact, and the story helps the game feel bigger than it actually is.

While most “Zelda” games have clear-cut heroes and villains, “Link’s Awakening” delivers a morally-gray twist partway through. Link’s main mission is to leave Koholint Island by waking the Wind Fish, but Koholint is the Wind Fish’s dream. That means when it wakes up, the island and its inhabitants will fade away. The game never truly capitalizes on this concept, but the knowledge sticks in gamers’ minds. Como recuperar datos borrados en paginas webs, la nube y dispositivos Como recuperar datos borrados

However, for all its strengths, “Link’s Awakening” is restricted by platform hardware. The Game Boy only has two buttons to work with, which results in a ton of item-swapping to solve basic puzzles. This becomes especially tedious in later dungeons. Even so, “The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening” provides an adventure far greater than the scale of its platform.

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