Every McDonald's Video Game Ranked Worst To Best

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Many gamers actually enjoy "M.C. Kids," the 1992 NES romp featuring two young boys given the uncreative names Mick and Mack. Of course, the Hamburgler acted as the villain of the game, constantly one step ahead of Mick and Mack as they attempted to save the world and the McDonald's corporation.

Surprisingly, GamePro Magazine gave "M.C. Kids" a favorable review, calling it "just right for its target audience." GamePro did note that experienced players might find "M.C. Kids" too simple to be enjoyable, but the game wasn't bad per se. 

However, according to Boxed Pixels, McDonald's itself disliked "M.C. Kids." Dave Perry, who designed "McDonald's Global Gladiators," elaborated, "I remember McDonalds absolutely hated ['M.C. Kids'] ... 'Where's Ronald McDonald?' they asked. 'Why can't the player go into McDonald's and buy a burger with fries?'" 

It's usually bad news when a developer bashes their own games. As a compromise, the game's developers added in a smiling Ronald McDonald to congratulate players at the end of each stage. McDonald's was reportedly still dissatisfied with the game's end result, and with game critics dubbing "M.C. Kids" as too easy for dedicated players, the game really didn't stand a chance against the competition.

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