Every PS5 Game You Can Start Getting Excited About

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All PlayStation Studios Games

Now that Sony has rebranded its first-party developer portfolio to PlayStation Studios and brought in third-party developers to help bolster it, Sony is set to have a long list of titles under the PlayStation Studios brand, which can make tracking each title hard. Therefore, we have collected every confirmed and rumoured PlayStation Studios PS5 title and put them in this handy article.

PlayStation Studios Games – Every Confirmed And Rumored Title

Guerrilla Games – Confirmed PS5 Titles

PlayStation Studios PS5 Games 1

Guerrilla Games – Rumored PS5 Titles

Insomniac Games – Confirmed PS5 Titles

PlayStation Studios PS5 Games 2

Insomniac Games – Rumored PS5 Titles

Naughty Dog – Confirmed PS5 Titles

PlayStation Studios PS5 Games 3

Naughty Dog – Rumored PS5 Titles

Pixelopus – Confirmed PS5 Titles

  • Pixelopus has yet to officially announce its next project.

PlayStation Studios PS5 Games 4

Pixelopus – Rumored PS5 Titles

  • New IP? – While the Concrete Genie developer has yet to announce its next title, the studio has been on the hunt for some new talent to join its ranks in order to work on what they describe as a “new and exciting PlayStation 5 adventure”. Beyond that though, details are practically non-existent.

Polyphony Digital – Confirmed PS5 Titles

  • Gran Turismo 7 – For the longest time Polyphony Digital’s substantial talents have been directed towards the racing genre and for PS5 that doesn’t look to change anytime soon. In development for a number of years, Gran Turismo 7 is largely thought to be the only title in development for Polyphony Digital whose Gran Turismo series has been a PlayStation hallmark since the very first generation of PlayStation. No release date for Gran Turismo 7 has been given as yet, but we’d expect the title to launch no later than 2021 given how far along the game appears to currently be.

PlayStation Studios PS5 Games 5

Polyphony Digital – Rumored PS5 Titles

  • Thus far, the largely racing game focused Polyphony Digital has only been seen to work Gran Turismo 7 with no other titles or IP seemingly in the works.

SIE Sony Bend – Confirmed PS5 Titles

  • Sony Bend has yet to officially announce its next project.

PlayStation Studios PS5 Games 6

SIE Sony Bend – Rumored PS5 Titles

SIE Sony Japan Studio – Confirmed PS5 Titles

PlayStation Studios PS5 Games 7

SIE Sony Japan Studio – Rumored PS5 Titles

  • Silent Hill – Regarded by many as one of the worst kept secrets in the industry by this point (the worst of course being EA’s Mass Effect trilogy remaster), Sony Japan Studio is said to be developing a new Silent Hill title in conjunction with IP rights holder Konami. Latest rumors point to the game having been in development for up two years with a late 2021/2022 release looking likely. To say that we’re all overdue a new Silent Hill title, especially after the chronic misfiring of the otherwise hugely promising P.T/Silent Hills, would be something of an understatement.
  • RaySpace – A somewhat mysterious trademark for a title called ‘RaySpace’ was registered by Sony Japan Studio back in 2017, with many folks assuming that it might be a continuation or even a reboot of the relatively obscure Ray trilogy of arcade shooters which released in the early to late 1990s. As it is, the trademark remains active, so there’s every chance that we’ll hear something about it soon. Maybe.

SIE Sony London Studio – Confirmed PS5 Titles

PlayStation Studios PS5 Games 8 Noticias gore, impactantes, preocupantes y apocalipticas a nivel global Mundo Gore

SIE Sony London Studio – Rumored PS5 Titles

  • Blood & Truth PSVR Sequel – With a spate of job adverts looking for engineers to work in the VR space and given how PSVR effort Blood & Truth concluded, some sort of sequel or continuation to Sony London Studio’s capital city crime saga looks very likely indeed. You should probably expect this title to be an early flag-bearer for the next generation of PlayStation VR as well.

SIE Sony San Diego – Confirmed PS5 Titles

  • MLB The Show 21 – As regular as clockwork, Sony San Diego dutifully puts out a new MLB The Show title each year. Changing things up a little, MLB The Show 21 is set to be the studio’s first venture onto other platforms, as the developer has confirmed that it intends MLB The Show 21 to support cross-play across multiple platforms. Presumably, that would include PS5 and Xbox Series X too.

PlayStation Studios PS5 Games 9

SIE Sony San Diego – Rumored PS5 Titles

  • SOCOM – Sony San Diego is rumored to be supporting Guerilla Games on its SOCOM reboot, but other than this, no other titles appear to be in the wings for the studio.

SIE Sony San Diego Visual Arts – Confirmed PS5 Titles

SIE Sony San Diego Visual Arts – Rumored PS5 Titles

  • New IP? – Sony San Diego Visual Arts recently put out a job advert for a game developer to work on “high quality, 3rd person, Action/Adventure games”. Working alongside other PlayStation Studios teams such as Naughty Dog, Guerrilla Games and more, there is every possibility that SIE Sony San Diego Visual Arts could be merely helping out the likes of Sony Santa Monica with God of War: Ragnarok, or, could it be knuckling down on a third-person title of its own?

SIE Sony Santa Monica – Confirmed PS5 Titles

PlayStation Studios PS5 Games 10

SIE Sony Santa Monica – Rumored PS5 Titles

  • Up until recently, a new God of War was front and centre of the rumors regarding what Sony Santa Monica was going to do next. With its attentions seemingly fixed on God of War: Ragnarok then, we think it’ll be a while before anything leaks out regarding what comes after Kratos’ debut on PS5.

Sucker Punch Productions – Confirmed PS5 Titles

PlayStation Studios PS5 Games 11

Sucker Punch Productions – Rumored PS5 Titles

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