Every PS5 Launch Game Ranked Worst To Best

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Godfall received a lukewarm response after early gameplay footage was leaked. When the launch trailer came out, however, gamers were hyped. Now that it's here, what are the critics saying?

EGM's Josh Harmon was not impressed, stating "Godfall's sluggish, overly complicated combat, hilariously paper-thin story, and numerous technical issues make it a lowlight of the PlayStation 5's launch lineup." He put a lot of emphasis on the fighting mechanics in his review and the excessive amount of incongruous systems at play. He was also critical of the way Godfall handles looting, the game's inconsistent difficulty curve, and the map layouts. The most positive thing he said was "There's the germ of an interesting game here," but otherwise his evaluation was mostly negative.

Adam Cook of God is a Geek was more forgiving, calling Godfall's combat "sensational." He pointed out that it feels familiar in its gameplay, comparing it to Diablo, God of War, and Destiny 2. While he did not love the art style, he did praise the graphics, saying it has "stunning visuals." Cook enjoyed Godfall but admitted that not everyone will love it, subtracting points for excessive grinding, repetition, and glitchy menus.

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