Every Streamer Who Thinks They Can Take Ninja In A Fight

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Redditor asked SypherPK if he would rather fight 10 Nickmercs-sized Ninjas or a single Ninja-sized Nickmercs. Not one to step down from a challenge, SypherPK claimed he could take either Nickmercs or Ninja — no matter what size. The confident "Fortnite" streamer claimed that his improved athletic ability and reach (as he is 6'4") would help in the theoretical fight.

Ninja didn't respond. However, it's hard to imagine that the comment would garner a severe negative reaction from the streaming icon. He and Sypher used to play duos before Ninja shifted his sights on "Valorant." It's safe to say that, although he thinks he could beat him in a fight, he didn't seem set on fighting him for hostile reasons.

Nickmercs, who has streamed with both Ninja and Sypher in the past, didn't respond to the latter's bold claim either. He has, however, responded to other Twitter fight tier lists like Sonii's.

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