Explosions, gunfights and maximum popcorn action in the Saints Row story trailer

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  Explosions, gunfights and maximum popcorn action in the Saints Row story trailer

Deep Silver decided to reboot Saints Row, but the thug spirit of the series has not been lost along the way. The apocalyptic brooch of the last installment did not give too much room to be continued, but Volition has filled with crime, action and gratuitous destruction its spectacular alternative to GTA V with soup spoons. And despite the fact that we can dedicate ourselves to sowing chaos for no reason, there is a background thread. The most recent trailer for him actually focuses on him.

The essential: Saint’s Row, the 2022 video game, moves the character created by the player himself to the city of Santo Ileso, which is inspired by the American Southwest. A perfect environment to be enjoyed, conquered and destroyed, and between one thing and another, start our own career carrying out different criminal businesses. After all, one of the recurring themes of the game is that the player becomes a boss.

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Ahead, a complete and modernized reinterpretation of the Wild West through an open world divided into nine districts surrounded by the desert of the American Southwest that Deep Silver herself has defined as “the biggest and best playground ever created in Saints Row”, which is no small thing. Our mission: to become “the Boss” of Santo Ileso.

The Boss is the heart of the Saints; the glue that holds the band together. He is also the ultimate killing machine. He shoots first and questions later. He cocky, self-confident and nobody bosses him around. Ultimately, you are the boss: you decide who you want to be and what you want to do, to direct your own path to success and form the new Saints.

The new trailer, in fact, offers a glimpse of the rise of our character, the founding of the Saints and some especially tense encounters with our future rivals, the Marshals, the Idols and the Panthers. Of course, and as expected Saint’s Rowthat tension does not stay in the air and tends to be resolved based on gunshots, extreme chases, amazing explosions and, basically, pure chaos and fun. llᐈ Alfombra Hidromasaje El Corte Ingles ® ➡️ Alta Calidad2022

Saints Row is just around the corner. Warm up, come out!


The new trailer for the game has a very definite purpose: to warm up the atmosphere a few days after its launch: the new Saint’s Row It will arrive on PCs (via the Epic Games Store), Stadia and both generations of Xbox and PlayStation in just one week. What’s more, his departure will coincide with Gamescom itself and its flurry of announcements.

The good news is that as Deep Silver has planned its launch so that we can now fully immerse ourselves in the character editor. And what a publisher! The Saints Row Boss Factory includes customization options to spend a couple of hours dispersing based on crazy additions and small details. After all, an extension of the spirit of the saga: we are offered lots of possibilities and we can basically do whatever we want.


From its first deliveries Saint’s Row has not settled for being an alternative to gta, but he wants to bring more layers of madness and destruction to his formula. A declaration of intent that, judging by what has been shown in its history, will continue to be present in this comprehensive reboot. And it won’t be long before we take him at his word.

Saint’s Row coming to PCs, consoles and Google Stadia cloud play on August 23, 2022. And be careful, all editions of the game include the Idols Anarchy Pack as a pre-order incentive with a DJ Helmet, a bat and a Sandstorm Motorcycle scrambler inspired by the Idols.

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