Game Sequels That Weren’t Worth The Wait

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 Game Sequels That Weren’t Worth The Wait

The Wait: 5 Years

GoldenEye and Perfect Dark are lightning in a bottle as far as their legacy goes. They were impressive for being deep, well-executed first-person shooters on console at a time when first-person shooters were primarily the dominion of PC games. The first Halo would take the genre the rest of the way into being fully mainstream for console gamers, but Perfect Dark was the kind of full-on first-person futuristic spy thriller you still rarely see in games.

The series would then skip the 128-bit era altogether, letting giants like Half-Life, Halo, and Metroid Prime rule the roost, but after jumping ship from Nintendo to Microsoft, gamers salivated imagining Perfect Dark with none of the technical limitations that plagued the original title. They got that, at least. They also got one of the most mind-meltingly boring first-person shooters of the entire generation.

Gone were the first game’s Bond-lite story and character trappings, gone was much of the quirkier X-Files-y elements that made the N64 game engaging, gone were the wilder weapons. In were generic stock characters, a series of uninspiring environments, and a sleeper of a plot. Microsoft couldn’t squeeze a truly brilliant game out of Rare the way Nintendo had, and considering the franchise is all but dead in the water now, it might’ve been better if they hadn’t tried.