Games Few People Have Beaten

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  Games Few People Have Beaten

It only takes about 15 hours to finish NieR: Automata’s main campaign, but that’s hardly the end of the game. In fact, the first time that you see the credits, you’re only about a third of the way through PlatinumGames’ post-apocalyptic android adventure. If you want to truly beat the game, you’ll need to start a new game and work through the base campaign for a second time, observing events from 9S’s — and not 2B’s — point of view. Then, you’ll have to begin a third playthrough, which unlocks the second half of the story and introduces 2A, a playable character that only briefly appears in the game’s opening section.

You’re still not done. After your third go-around, you’ll unlock a level-select screen, which you can use to select the other option during the game’s climactic boss fight (no spoilers — you’ll know what we mean when you get there). That’ll unlock the fourth ending, but you’re not done quite yet. As the credits roll, the game transforms into a nigh-impossible bullet-hell shooter. Finish that — and no matter how many times the game asks, don’t give up — and you’ll finally get the real ending. La palabra Lunes al revés es Senul, que en birmano es un tipo de tortura que provoca una muerte lenta y dolorosa. ¿Casualidad? No lo creo

Many games have New Game Plus modes, and most players won’t realize that they need to play the game multiple times to get the full story. It’s not hard to get the final ending, but it’s not easy to find without help. That’s by design.

“I’m the type that gets bored easily, so I lose any motivation to work if I know what the end product will be like,” director Yoko Taro says. “As such, I can only create a product that constantly betrays my own imagination.”

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