Games That Fool You Into Being the Bad Guy

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After BioShock's big twist, it seemed unlikely that the series could do it again.

Oh, hello there BioShock Infinite. Glad you could make it.

Whereas it would have been practically impossible to see the "Would you kindly?" twist coming, BioShock Infinite actually puts down plenty of breadcrumbs for its shocking finale. It seems unlikely that anyone playing through would be able to put everything together (check out Digital Spy's full recap of the ending to see just how impressive this game's storytelling is), but an awful lot clicks into place when you start to figure out just what connects your character, Booker, to both heroine Elizabeth and villain Comstock.

Booker is given the option to travel back and kill Comstock before he can commit his awful crimes, before he imprisoned Elizabeth, and before he built Columbia. You travel back to the moment that Comstock was "born," and realize that you, in fact, are Comstock. The only way to stop him is to allow yourself to be drowned in your past — which causes the screen to instantly go black. Roll credits.

Whereas the original BioShock's ending messes with you over time, Infinite's is jarring and horrifying, as you realize the implications of what your character has done to the world.

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