Games That Lost Almost All Of Their Playerbase Within Months

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Initially promoted as a "Fortnite killer," the future was looking bright for Crucible. So why did it totally flop in 2020?

In Crucible's original form, 12 players were to duke it out in a battle royale shooter where a thirteenth user had the power to alter stage conditions, impacting the round in real-time. This feature, along with several other gameplay mechanics unique to Twitch as a platform, was dropped from the final product as the game grew into more of a generic hero shooter.

What really went wrong with Crucible was that it was essentially broken upon launch. Though it began with 10,600 concurrent players on Steam, that number swiftly dropped to 1,692 in a month.

In an attempt to rescue the hero shooter, it was reverted to a closed beta state, but at that point, the game was seemingly beyond resuscitation. Perhaps if the team had stuck to its original vision, Crucible would have worked better. Alas, nothing could bring this title back from the dead, and Amazon gave up on the project. Crucible's servers shut down in Nov. 2020, with an official explanation that "the dev team is moving on to work on New World and other Amazon Games projects."

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