Games That Were Totally Ruined by Too Many Cheaters

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The new guy on the block, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout came out of nowhere and seemingly stole the battle royale crown from the reigning champions. However, since the game isn't an FPS, cheaters had to think outside the box. They couldn't use wallhacks, aimbots, and other common battle royale cheats. Still, hackers powered on and made the game a cheater's paradise, much to the annoyance of Fall Guys' players and developers.

Cheaters have implemented a truckload of hacks designed to circumvent Fall Guys' Takeshi's Castle-styled obstacles. They have programmed ways to hover indefinitely and teleport to the finish line, and subreddits are full of angry players. To combat the problem, Mediatonic created a cheater-only island where they could shuffle off guilty players to cheat amongst themselves and let legit gamers play in peace. Out of sight, out of mind. However, the plan had one fatal flaw: Mediatonic's anti-cheat detection system wasn't migrating enough hackers to start a match. Moreover, the cheaters got wise to Mediatonic's scheme and circumvented it by teaming up with friends. So, the island was shut down, but the developers didn't throw in the towel.

Halfway through Fall Guys' first season, the developers launched the "Big Yeetus and the Anti-Cheatus" update that introduced, among other things, a new anti-cheat system developed with Epic Games' help. Only time will tell if it pans out.

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