Games To Keep You Busy During The Long Wait For Cyberpunk 2077

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"It's 2054 and the world has changed... gone to hell." Yup, sounds like a cyberpunk game to us. The Shadowrun franchise puts a high fantasy spin on the genre, adding in magical elements alongside the fantastical technology of the future.

Players can choose classes like mage, shaman, decker, or street samurai as they run through the world, carrying out whatever jobs pay the bills. This turn-based tactical RPG is set in the shadow of megacorporations that have reduced the Seattle metroplex into a sprawling slum. Players get to explore, and try to survive, this big, brutal world. 

The Shadowrun story stretches over 25 years and three well-received games, so there's plenty of content there to keep you content while waiting for CD Projekt Red to finish its good work.

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