Games You Didn't Realize Take Place in the Same Universe

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While discussing shared universes with Blendo Games co-founder Brendon Chung, The Fullbright Company co-founder Steve Gaynor explained how Gone Home and BioShock 2: Minerva's Den actually take place in the same universe.

In BioShock 2's DLC, you can find and play a fictional, vector graphics Asteroids-esque title called Spitfire. Some 50 years later in Gone Home, you can uncover various faux Super Nintendo cartridges in Sam's room. One such cartridge is a fictional Star Fox clone called Super Spitfire. Far from just a coincidence, closer inspection of the cart also reveals the name of the game's publisher, CMP Interactive, which actually stands for Minerva's Den protagonist Charles Milton Porter. According to Gaynor, Porter probably started the company when he got back to the surface before eventually licensing the Spitfire IP to a different Japanese company, who made a new game out of it.

Gaynor also mentioned some other connections. "The airline that Katie takes to go to Europe, we never named the airline," he said, "but their logo is an '80s brand update to the airline that Jack's plane crashes into Rapture."

Would you kindly accept this shared universe?

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