Gaming Won't Be the Same Without These Celebs We Lost in 2019

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Desmond Amofah, better known to fans as Etika, was a YouTuber known for his boisterous reaction videos, particularly in regards to Nintendo products. In the years since he began streaming and posting videos, he had gained more than 800,000 fans. Sadly, an escalating pattern of behavior arose in his output within the last year. In October 2018, he was banned from YouTube and Twitch for violating terms of conduct. He also began posting things to his social media accounts that hinted explicitly toward suicidal thoughts, at one point being detained by police during a livestream when concerned fans alerted them of his comments.

On June 19, 2019, Amofah was reported missing on the same day that he uploaded a video apologizing to his fans and friends and elaborating on his struggles with suicidal thoughts and anxiety, essentially saying goodbye to his fans. His body was recovered by the NYPD on June 25. Amofah was 29 years old. 

In the weeks since Amofah's sad disappearance and death, fans and fellow YouTubers have worked to raise awareness of mental health and suicide prevention, with PewDiePie donating £8,000 to a charity he started with Jack Black in Etika's honor.

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