Genshin Impact Plans On Expansion And Other Changes

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Genshin Impact is still going strong on Mobile, PC and PS4, and for the first time since its launch in September, a map expansion will be hitting the game. The new content will have new characters, new monsters, and plenty of more features to keep Genshin’s growing player base happy.

The new content is titled The Chalk Prince and the Dragon, which is planned as a new seasonal event, with the new area known as Dragonspine opening for all players to explore. There you will find a lost civilization, new monsters that need defeating, and secrets to uncover. Two new 5-Star characters will be joining the pack. Albedo is a Geo user, who will hopefully be less controversial than the last 5-Star Geo character’s release, Zhongli. The other new character is a Cryo bow user, Ganyu. It may be quite interesting to see how effective a Cryo Archer will be in Dragonspine, which will undoubtedly be home do a host of new Cryo-based enemies.

New features have also been added such as a new Sheer Cold bar, which will task players with keeping warm when they are out traveling in Dragonspine. In the last update, Genshin Impact saw a new banner with Zhongli and Xinyan as they joined the rest of the group. Are you looking forward to the next update?

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