Ghost of Tsushima Iki Island Guide – How to Defeat All Bosses and Duels

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 Ghost of Tsushima Iki Island Guide – How to Defeat All Bosses and Duels

ghost of tsushima director's cut

A new expansion for Ghost of Tsushima means new foes and Iki Island has quite a number roamiong about. However, some of the biggest threats can be found in the new bosses. Two of them are fought during the course of the main story while one is available in a Mythic Tale. Check out all three below, though beware of spoilers.

  • Khunbish – Encountered in the story mission “Lightning in the Storm.” Starts out with a shield and spear but upon losing the shield, he can switch back and forth between the spear and dual swords. You’ll have plenty of time to change Styles so don’t stress too much about adjusting to the change in weapons. Keep a close eye for any unblockable attacks (indicated by red flashes) and strike back accordingly.

  • Black Hand Riku – Found in the Mythic Tale “The Legend of Black Hand Riku” which is unlocked upon finishing “A Raider’s Return.” Despite the ominous air around him, Black Hand Riku doesn’t pose too much of a threat. Parry his attacks accordingly and counter immediately after dodging his unblockable attacks. The only really surprising trick Riku pulls is deflecting your sword in the middle of a clash. Quickly deflect his next strike to avoid taking damage.

  • The Eagle – The final boss of the expansion, found in “The Blessing of Death” story mission. She’s capable of fighting with a sword and stave (which functions like a spear) along with throwing knives that are unblockable. Bring her down to 70 percent health and she’ll transport you to a mystic realm that slowly drains Resolve. Simply survive long enough and a cutscene will trigger. Once this is done, you’ll be back in the real world and can finish off The Eagle.

Along with these boss fights, there are some special Duels to be discovered. Upon completing the mission “Jin From Yarikawa”, you’ll unlock the Hidden Cove Tournament in Fune’s Refuge. This involves fighting against four different opponents but with wooden training swords. The objective is to hit your opponent five times. If they successfully land five strikes on you instead, the duel is lost.

The four opponents are as follows. Each has their own techniques and must be countered in different ways:

  • Exiled Monk

  • Brutal Raider

  • Murderous Merchant

  • Crimson Fisherman (must first defeat the prior three opponents)

Check out the video below courtesy of PowerPyx to see how to beat them. For more details on Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut, check out our review here.


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