Ghostwire Tokyo and its curious design: The city was made before the game

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  Ghostwire Tokyo and its curious design: The city was made before the game

In Ghostwire: Tokyo, the game’s setting is particularly important in the overall experience, and indicative of this is that its name is in the title. Tango Gameworks (The Evil Within) has recreated part of the Japanese city with a level of detail that, as we tell you in our impressions, has left us speechless. Its narrow alleys and wide avenues have a creepy and spectacular touch artistically, and through its setting, its missions, its conversations and its documents you can breathe Tokyo culture.

That is why it does not surprise us that the first thing its creators did when designing the game that arrives on PS5 and PC next March 25 was the city, as Masato Kimura, producer of the title, revealed to us in an interview. Rather than an action adventure, it is a recreation of Tokyo. Something that clashes head-on with how games are usually designed. We have heard a thousand times how at Nintendo they have an idea for a game and then look for their own saga with which it fits; or how stories to tell are usually thought of and then some mechanics are implemented.

Ghostwire Tokyo

But seldom does the game stage come first. “An interesting thing about how we approached the development of this game is that we started by creating the city authentically first. The gameplay came later,” Kimura tells us. “We started doing gameplay after the different parts of the city were done and we started thinking, ‘Okay, what kind of gameplay we can create that could fit here properly.'”

The producer assures that in some cases they varied how the city was built for the benefit of the gameplay, for example for the combats, but in general it was not like that: “We prioritized the graphics of the city and the appearance of the city. Sometimes we had discussions about ‘the gameplay could be a little better if we modify this and that [de la ciudad]’. We’ve tweaked the graphics a bit, but in most cases we just prioritized the city and thought of other ways to use the plot. gameplay to fit in with the city.

Spectral combat, Japanese sweets and the PS5 version

In the full interview, in which the director Kenji Kimura also participates, we talked at length about the overwhelming recreation of Tokyo that the Bethesda studio directed by Shinji Mikami has achieved, but also about the combat system, the different graphic modes that the PS5 version and even the Japanese snacks that plague the game.

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