Glam Is A Satisfying But Hard-As-Nails Platformer

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Rapunzel, Rapunzel! Use that hair to swing over here!

I’ve played a lot of puzzle platformer games. It can be difficult to stand out among a hugely diverse genre. Glam, from developer Three Legged Egg, does a lot of the same things that others in the genre have done, but it still manages to be unique in its own ways.

In Glam, you play as a young girl – appropriately named Glam – whose goal is to rescue her mother from the realm of Caterina. Glam’s unique ability is that she can use her hair to swing across dangerous obstacles. Throughout each of the game’s levels she’ll have to combine all of her skills in order to reach the end of the obstacles before her.


Part of what makes Glam equally fun and frustrating is how difficult it is from the very beginning. There’s no hand-holding here to be sure. Each level increases in difficulty and will have Glam dodging little Goblins, Skulls and more and all while attempting to make impossible jumps, swing with her hair in succession, wall-jump and climb as fast as she can.

Glam Is A Satisfying But Hard-As-Nails Platformer

Glam has 11 chapters which contain over 200 levels to jump around on – if you can make it that far. So there’s a possibility of hours of gameplay to enjoy. If you’re a seasoned puzzle platformer pro you might find yourself breezing through the game’s levels with little problem. But players with a little less experience will likely find that the game is more difficult than they’re willing to deal with. Encuentra los mejores productos en amazon categorizados Bueno, bonito y barato

With an adorable protagonist, a cool art style and over 200 levels, Glam is a welcome addition to the puzzle platformer genre. Be aware of the difficulty that quickly ramps up though; newcomers might quickly feel put off. If you thrive on a challenge and like colourful platform games, though, Glam is worth a go. And if you’d rather play a friend, you can jump into the game’s multiplayer and see if two locks of hair is better than one.

Glam is available now on Switch and Steam.

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