Here's How The Old PlayStation Store Design Is Still Accessible

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So, after Sony shut down the old PlayStation Store last year, eagle-eyed users have found that this version of the store is actually still accessible, but you need a Firefox Plugin.

As noted by @TheChrisGlass on Twitter, the old webs PlayStation Store was actually never taken down by Sony. Instead, Sony just removed a few HTML files to prevent the public from accessing the APIs to the store.

The specific add on is called Valkyrie PlayStation Store and you can find it here. In order to install it and get it working you have to go through a few hoops, but luckily this video below from Silica:

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So, what do you think of Sony’s decision to not actually shut down the old PlayStation Store and do you prefer the new or older version of the store?

Source – [@TheChrisGlass, Silica, Mozilla]

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