Here's How To See Patch Notes On PS5

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Here's How To See Patch Notes On PS5

How To See Patch Notes On PS5, PS5 Patch Notes, Can You Read Patch Notes On PS5, Game Patch Notes On PS5 – With Sony’s new console now out in the wild, a lot of folk are interested if you’re able to view the patch notes for games on the PS5.

If you recall, the PS4 allowed you to view (albeit in truncated form, usually) a game’s patch notes to see what’s new. This was handy and a lot of people took advantage of the feature.

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But how do you see patch notes on PS5? Is it possible? Let’s find out!

How To See Patch Notes On PS5

Unfortunately, it’s not currently possibly to see patch notes on PS5. A lot of folk are a bit miffed about this as you’d expect, but there’s hope that Sony may yet added the feature via, well, a patch. We can’t see why the format holder wouldn’t want to allow users to see patch notes on PS5 after the feature was part and parcel of PS4, so let’s hope it’s included soon.

The odd thing is, it’s still possible to view the patch notes for PS4 games when played on PS5, but PS5 games don’t support the feature. Doh!

We’ll be sure to keep you updated.

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