Here's When Halo Infinite Is Officially Launching

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(Image: 343 Industries/Microsoft)

Back in August, developer 343 Industries announced that Halo Infinite would not be available for the 2020 holiday period to support the launch of the Xbox Series X. Instead, we were left waiting until an unspecified time next year for the game's launch. Now we know when the new launch window is.

In a post on the Halo Waypoint site, Joseph Staten, Campaign Project Lead on Halo Infinite, announced that the game will now arrive in the fall of 2021. Staten explained, "I joined 343i right as the team was wrestling with feedback from the July campaign demo. This discussion boiled down to one fundamental truth: we needed more time to do things right. That included pushing hard in the Fall, giving the team time to recharge over the Holidays, and then coming back in January to finish the game at a healthy pace."

Fall officially starts in late September, giving the recharged team another eight months to finalize the game and get it ready for the 2021 holiday season. We are set to get a much improved experience, though, with the Waypoint post going into detail on art and graphics updates, multiplayer, and the customization options we can expect.

Staten is convinced this is a great game, finishing the post by stating, "My first week on the job, I played the entire Infinite campaign. Twice. I was, in a word, stunned—in the best possible way—by what the team had done. Infinite is, by far, the most expansive and vertical Halo world, ever. Why did the team do this? Because they understand that wonder and freedom are key to the Halo experience."

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