Here's When You Can Expect To Visit Osaka's Super Nintendo World

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The theme park was originally set to launch this summer.

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While there have been the up periods and down periods, Nintendo has always been a name attached strongly to the gaming industry. Essentially reviving the dead medium in the 1980s, they have consistently been a presence ever since in one way or another, crafting some of the most memorable IPs along the way. Now, people will get to experience those IPs in a new way with Super Nintendo World, and in Japan that will be opening soon.

Originally, the theme park was set to open in summer of this year, but due to the COVID-19 outbreak, it was was pushed back. Now Universal Studios Japan has announced that the Japanese park will launch in just a few months. It’s somewhat surprising, since COVID is still an issue throughout the globe, but it seems the Japanese side of the business thinks they are ready. The park will have several rides and interactive activities, of which you can see some below via the official Twitter. Horoscopos y tarot para el amor y para los signos del zodiaco Horoscopos y tarot de amor

This park is one of several that’s planned to open based on Nintendo’s IPs, with others coming at some point in both the United States and Singapore. The Japanese branch will open up February 4th 2021 for those living in the area and willing to brave going out to it.

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