Hidden Gaming Gems You Missed In 2020

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  Hidden Gaming Gems You Missed In 2020

Souls-style games like Bloodborne and Dark Souls punish players with unrelenting enemies, horrific boss battles, and unclear pathways to success. Mortal Shell takes the Souls-like formula and adds a healthy dose of mystical powers to the mix.

Throughout the game, players inhabit “mortal shells,” fallen heroes that the player will possess. Different mortal shells unlock various abilities, allowing the player to have a more diverse combat experience. The game is hard, though, and as with any Souls-like game, players should expect to die frequently.

Polygon’s review of Mortal Shell notes that it’s not as expansive as Souls games usually are, but it’s also not as expensive. Mortal Shell offers a Souls-like experience in a smaller, more compact package. Because the game is on the shorter side, the developer was able to cut much of the bloat that sometimes finds its way into huge console games, presenting a more streamlined experience. The end result is a tight, difficult game that will satisfy any gamer looking for a taste of Souls on a time limit, or budget.

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