Highpower Map Guide – Halo Infinite

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  Highpower Map Guide – Halo Infinite

Highpower is a Big Team Battle (12vs12) Multiplayer map in Halo Infinite. It is an outdoor level situated in the mountains. The general layout is asymmetrical; where two buildings sit on opposite sides of the map. One side has a Waterfall behind it, aptly named Waterfall Base; the other has a tall Tower on top of it, named Tower Base. Between them is a large Archway structure, near the Waterfall Base and a Center Pit, closer to the Tower Base. Multiple paths encircle and intertwine throughout the map.

We’re going to give you a complete overview of Highpower that will help you communicate with your teammates the total annihilation of your enemies. Here we go over every weapon spawn location on Highpower in Halo Infinite, as well as any other important information you might need.

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Map Layers

Click through slideshow to cycle through different the layers of the map.

  • Highpower Map Guide - Halo Infinite

  • Highpower Map Guide - Halo Infinite

At a Glance Screenshots

Highpower Halo Infinite Spawn locations

Highpower Halo Infinite Spawn locations

Highpower Halo Infinite Spawn locations

Weapon Spawn Locations

Halo Infinite spawn locations always stay in the same place, however the item that will spawn can change from game to game. They tend to stick to the same few items at one location but will remain the same weapon throughout the game.

All regular weapons are available at the start of the match. Upon Picking Up a weapon (or Refilling the ammo or energy if already equipped), a 30 Second timer will begin before the weapon will be refreshed.

Highpower Halo Infinite Weapon locations


The Pistol spawn points in Highpower will either have the Plasma Pistol, Disruptor, or the Mangler. There are only 2 spawn points, 1 at each base.

Tactical Rifles

The Tactical Rifle spawn point on Highpower will either have the BR75 Battle Rifle or the VK78 Commando. Tactical rifles are plentiful and spread out across the map fairly evenly. There will be 1 on top of each base.


The SMG spawn point on Highpower will either have the Needler or the Sentinel Beam. 1 at each base and 2 more if you follow the paths leading to the Left of each base. Another one is located on the pathway by the cliffs.


The Shotgun spawn point will either spawn the Heatwave or the Bulldog. 2 at each base. 1 in the middle Archway, and 1 at the Cave Pit entrance.


The Launcher spawn point will have either the Ravager or the Hydra. Launchers are spread out across the map evenly, and there are 1 at each base.

Energy Rifles

The Energy Rifle spawn point can have the Stalker Rifle or a Shock Rifle. There are 1 at each base by the Wasp spawn point. There is one at the Overlook and another at the Cave Pit are.

Power Weapons and Power Equipment

Power Weapons spawn locations on Highpower can have any of the following at each: SPNKR Rocket Launcher, Cindershot, S7 Sniper, Skewer, Gravity Hammer, and Energy Sword. They are all available immediately and will respawn in timers of 2 minute intervals.

They are located centrally, One at the top cliff labelled Highpower (use of the launch pads or a grappleshot is necessary to get to.) One in the Center Pit area. Lastly, another is on top of a rock in the Cliff region.

Highpower Halo Infinite Power Weapons Active Camo Overshield locations

Power Equipment spawn locations on Highpower will have either the Active Camo or the Overshield. They are all available immediately and will respawn in timers of 2 minute intervals.

One is located near the pathway through the Cliff region, the other is located in the Ridgeline area near the Cave.

Equipment Spawn Locations

Highpower Halo Infinite Equipment Spawn locations


The Grappleshot has 3 locations. Near Tower Base towards the Rocky Pass. In front of the Overlook near the middle Archway. Inside the hidden Cave pathway.

Threat Sensor

The Threat Sensor has 2 locations. On either side of the Cliffs between Lakeside and Rocky Pass.


The Repulsor has 3 locations. One at each Base, beside the Wasp Spawn point. One at the Cave Pit beside the weapons locations.

Drop Wall

The Drop Wall has 2 locations. One on top of each Base.

Grenade Spawn Locations

All grenade spawns on Highpower are Random. They can have any of the available grenades: Frag, Plasma, Spike, Dynamo.

Highpower Halo Infinite Grenade Spawn locations

Vehicle Locations

The vehicles all spawn near the starting base structures. Each base has 3 Mongoose, 2 Warthogs, and 1 Wasp. The Wasp is not available immediately, it will spawn in around the 2 minute mark.

Highpower Halo Infinite Vehicle Spawn locations

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