Horror Movie Endings That Deserve to Go Down in History

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Directed by John Krasinski, A Quiet Place was a critical and commercial smash when it hit theaters in 2018, and one of the reasons the film was so successful is the fact that it features one of the most badass endings in horror movie history.

Set in the near future, A Quiet Place focuses on the uber-resourceful Abbott family trying to survive in a world plagued by monsters. These extraterrestrial creatures are blind, but their sense of hearing is incredibly acute. Knock over a lantern, trip on the stairs, or shout in pain, and they'll slice you in half. On top of that, they're covered in a natural bulletproof armor, making them impossible to kill. As a result, the Abbotts must adapt to live in a world without sound, keeping as quiet as possible at all times.

Of course, that's just everyday life for Regan Abbott (Millicent Simmonds). She's deaf, so communicating every thought with sign language is nothing new for her. Still, her father (Krasinski) desperately hopes to help with her disability, so he spends his spare time designing cochlear implants. Sadly, the devices never really work, but at the end of the film, Regan discovers her hearing aid is actually the super weapon she needs to fight back against the creatures.

See, the creatures' ears are incredibly sensitive, and they can't stand the feedback from Regan's implant. So when she and the surviving family members are trapped in a basement by one of the beasts, Regan turns into Rambo, using her hearing aid to drive one of the monsters crazy. The monster starts to freak out and writhe in pain, allowing Regan's mother (Emily Blunt) to kill the weakened creature with a shotgun blast. Of course, the gunshot attracts the other nearby aliens, but the Abbotts aren't afraid. For once, they've got the upper hand, and as the evil E.T.s make a beeline for the basement, Regan gets her new weapon ready — and her mom racks another shell into her shotgun, ready to make some noise.

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