How do you deal with disappointment?

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 How do you deal with disappointment?

Sometimes it’s a mechanical change — getting rid of an ability you’ve gotten used to, or even built your character around, or removing specific talent or ability choices. Rebuilding the talent tree and making it vastly different. Altering pet mechanics. It can be finding out that the game you’re looking forward to playing will be delayed, or will be changing to 5×5 gameplay, or what have you. Sometimes it’s story based — you were hoping for more than a giant Kaiju at the end of Cataclysm, or you really didn’t like the opening to Battle for Azeroth.

And sometimes it’s something a whole heck of a lot more serious, like waking up and reading that one of your favorite developers has a really awful track record when it comes to misogynistic abuse and toxic culture and now you have to re-evaluate everything about your long relationship with that company and its games. Todo sobre animales: curiosidades, cuidados, tipos, trucos Todo sobre animales

There can be a lot of reasons you might be disappointed in a game, a game series, or even the entire developer behind those games, the studio that you’ve potentially always found a reason to be excited about. So how do you deal with that? What are your coping strategies when confronted with that feeling? Do you take time away from the games, or play them even more to push through it? I was once a huge BioWare mark, I’d buy every game they put out as soon as they did, but after Anthem and some reports about serious problems with their internal culture and how they treated their players, I developed a much more “wait and see” approach when it came to them and their games.

So I’m curious how you may be dealing with disappointment right now, for obvious reasons. Knowing what you’re thinking about doing will help me figure out what I’ll do, I suppose.

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