How Does Threat Work in New World?

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 How Does Threat Work in New World?

New World Community staff have commented on several threat situations and bugs currently affecting threat in New World. Chardis, a New World developer, left this post on the official New World forums:

“Hi everyone,

Lots of great follow up discussion! Here’s some extra info on target selection based on some of the questions you’ve asked;

  • Healing generates threat equal to a percentage of the amount of health that is healed by the spell. If you cast Sacred Ground but no one stands in the AoE, no threat will be generated. But if you heal a damaged player for 100 health, you will generate 20 threat towards every AI already in combat in the area who is aware of you. Different healing spells generate threat at different percentages, but healing done doesn’t generate threat at a one to one ratio equivalent to healing output.

  • Socketing a Carnelian Gem into a weapon both enables Taunts AND increases the base threat you generate with attacks. The threat increase percentage depends on the tier of Carnelian that is socketed into your weapon.

  • When you have aggro on an AI, that AI’s nameplate will have a bright red highlight around it. If that AI has aggro on someone else, the nameplate will appear as if the AI wasn’t targeting you.

  • Each AI has their own threat table. This means that if you are fighting two Skeletal Warriors and a Skeletal Archer who is lurking in the back, the tank needs to make sure they’re hitting and Taunting the Archer! If they ignore the Archer, they could find that this AI targets someone else who has more threat.

  • Weapon swapping has no impact on threat. It does not increase nor does it decrease your threat.

  • Dodging has no impact on threat. It does not increase nor does it decrease your threat.

  • Taunt sets your threat a fixed percentage above the current highest threat-holder. So, if you use Taunt to initiate a fight, your initial threat will be rather low. I highly recommend initiating with other abilities or light and heavy attacks, and then use a taunt a few seconds into the fight.

How Does Threat Work in New World?

I also appreciate the bugs you’ve brought up! I do have notes on a few of them:

• The carnelian socketed into the amulet is indeed a bug. Carnelians that enable Taunt should exclusively be found in weapons, so I’ve notified our team about that item.

• The Taunt status effect icon doesn’t match the duration of the Taunts. What you see on the ability tooltip is indeed correct. Thanks to your reports we’re aware of this and investigating it!

• We’re investigating the reports of AI running towards non-engaged players when you’ve already aggroed them.

I hope this gives you a bit more insight into the target selection system. We’re always keeping a close eye on our AI and looking for areas that could be fleshed out or improved in the future. I appreciate all of the feedback you’ve given! As always, I hope to see you all in Aeternum!”

The original post can be found here.