How Some PS5s Are Being Stolen By Gangs

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How Some PS5s Are Being Stolen By Gangs

The Times has reported that PS5s are being stolen by gangs as they’re in transit, with a stunt known as the rollover seeing lorries going as fast as 50mph hour targeted. It all sounds like something out of The Fast and the Furious, to be honest.

Gangs Target PS5s And Electronics Using Rollover Stunt

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Gangs have targeted delivers of not just PS5s, but also TVs, cosmetics, mobile phones and cigarettes. The rollover stunt involves multiple vehicles to box in a vehicle, usually a fast-moving one at that, while one member of the group uses a rope to secure himself as he climbs out through a sunroof or modified hatch. He then uses a cutting tool or crowbar to break into the lorry, where he secures the goods.

The Times report claims that the stunt has been used at least 27 times this year to September, with gangs stepping up in recent weeks to try and take advantage of the pre-Christmas deliveries doing the rounds.

A former security manager at Road Haulage Association spoke to the publication, claiming that those responsible for the robberies are getting inside information.

Somebody must know when and where that vehicle is and it can’t be just random that you are going to attack that. Somebody has done some tipping off.

[Source – The Times via Eurogamer]

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