How The Cloud Is Transforming PlayStation

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re probably already aware of how cloud services have transformed the traditional computer industry over the last ten years. Cloud computing is now a mainstream technology for companies and individuals alike for everything from remote processing power to increased online backup and storage.

In truth, there’s very little new about the base concept of cloud storage (after all, we’ve been storing files on websites for many years already); however, where cloud tech differs considerably is that it can be designed from the ground up to run the software and complete complex tasks, thereby considerably increasing the scope and range of services that a user’s device might be able to perform.

How is the cloud currently being used by PlayStation?

Moreover, because it can utilize software and apps, cloud services also offer Cloud Security for data, adding an extra layer of protection to the files stored.

PlayStation has been offering cloud storage for games since the PS4 bringing the following key benefits to users:

  • The ability to log in on another PlayStation and pick up from your last game save
  • Restore your game saves and progress on a new console
  • The option to pick up on games you played on the PlayStation Now network
  • Playing games on different systems – for example, saving game progress you made on the main PlayStation console then starting again from the same save point on your PS Vita

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PlayStation Now has been available for some time on Sony’s flagship console; however, the firm recently announced it would be upgrading the resolution of games featured on the platform, increasing it from 720p to 1080p. In a recent Tweet made on its Twitter account, Sony confirmed, “The rollout will occur over the next several weeks across Europe, US, Canada, and Japan, where PlayStation Now is available”.

The streaming service has proven extremely popular among users looking to increase the number of games they have available while also offering cross-device gaming. Of course, the platform’s game save feature has long been a godsend for those players looking for a secondary backup to their main game saves.

What does the future hold for streaming gaming services?

PlayStation is far from alone in seeing the potential of online gaming and streaming services based in the cloud. Rival firms like Amazon and Google have also been offering streaming gaming services for some time. Indeed, competition among cloud-based game services is growing, with each platform looking to outdo the others in terms of the quality and range of titles they have on offer. For example, Amazon’s Luna platform was ahead of the game in terms of offering 1080p, while Google’s Stadia platform is already capable of delivering games in full 4K resolution. Microsoft is also looking to increase the quality of the games it delivers on its xCloud service (intended for use with its Xbox gaming platform) by increasing the resolution to 1080p.

With cloud services becoming so prevalent across all areas of our lives, we’ll likely see the continued growth of gaming services offered on all platforms – PC, tablets, cellphones, and consoles – as an alternative to games bought in the real world and delivered on disk.


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