how to get free Protogemas and other rewards with the Combat Club event

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  how to get free Protogemas and other rewards with the Combat Club event

In Genshin Impact, a new temporary event is about to begin in which Inazuma’s most devastating warriors must show what they are capable of. In the city there is a mysterious place where a wrestling tournament is taking place for people with a desire to fight and with aggressive monsters.

The tournament in question is about The Fight Clubthe same name to which the event in question responds, about which we are going to tell you all the details in the following guide, since it will allow you to obtain a few free rewards.

Date and times of the event The Combat Club

The new event will start on March 18 and will remain available until March 29 at 03:59 (server time), but only those who have fulfilled a series of prerequisites will be able to participate in it.

The first of them is the have reached Adventure Rank 30 or higher and also successfully completed the quest “Ritou’s Escape Plan”. In addition, it will be necessary to carry out the world quest “The Fight Club: The Golden Whirlwind” to be transported to the place where the tournament is taking place.

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How to get the rewards of the Combat Club event for free

The event is made up of a total of six challenges, although during the first six days they will be unlocked one by one. What everyone will agree on is that the objective will be the same, such as killing all the enemies that appear within a time limit to obtain the highest possible score.

A good way to score more points than normal is with the different levels of difficulty: normal, difficult and extreme. In this way, the higher the level selected, the greater the point multiplier that will be applied, being x1, x2 and x4, respectively. Camas articuladas

Genshin Impact Fight Club Event 02

When facing the challenges it will be necessary form six teams, each consisting of two characters and two techniques which will be divided into normal and master. The techniques will grant different abilities, so it will be necessary to designate the most suitable for each group. In turn, as the event progresses, the effects of the master techniques will be updated.

And if your own characters don’t convince you enough, there will be six test available to use as you wish, either to create groups with them or mix them with those you have already formed. On the other hand, before starting the challenge you will be able to consult the details of the enemies and the points that will be obtained for killing them, although the most powerful will give a greater amount.

An important detail to keep in mind is that teams can take turns every ten seconds, something essential, because if the same team remains on the battlefield for more than 25 seconds, its combat capacity will be reduced. However, exchanging them will remove most of the effects caused, but instead they will accumulate Zeal.

genshin impact fight club event

The reason for accumulating so many points is because it will be necessary to reach a certain score to unlock the different rewards. You can participate as many times as you want to get all these prizes for free:

  • Weapon Ascension Material

  • talent upgrade material

  • Mystical Refining Ore

  • Blackberry

  • protogems

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