how to get it and its effects

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  how to get it and its effects


Everything you need to know about blood in V Rising, how to get them and what bonuses they have.

When we tackle the tips and first steps of V Risingwe speak of the blood as the main game resource. This popular online multiplayer takes place in a world of vampires and the player has to survive drinking the blood of other living beings. There are different types of blood and each one has an effect on the character because it has bonuses very useful. In this guide we tell you everything you need to know about blood, available types and their advantages.

Before going deeper, you need to know how blood works in the game. The player can restore his health by taking blood thanks to his vampire powers, specifically Blood Repair. This skill uses the blood reserves to be able to heal, in addition to gaining a passive buff that is associated with blood type. This is determined by the living creatures of the game and the player has to reduce his life by at least 30% to feed on your blood.

blood quality and levels

Draw blood in V Rising

Blood is the most important resource in the game

Another important thing about blood is the quality Of the same. The higher the quality it is possible to get better passive benefits. Below is a complete list with V Rising blood quality, but keep in mind that you can only have one blood type active at a time. This means that you can’t mix blood to accumulate more bonuses, but one replaces the other. To see the quality of the blood you just have to mouse over above the creature and you will get some very valuable information.

  • Quality blood between 1% and 29%: level I upgrade.

  • Quality blood greater than 30%: level II upgrade.

  • Blood quality greater than 60%: level III upgrade.

  • Blood quality greater than 90%: Level IV upgrade.

  • 100% quality blood: Level V upgrade.

V Rising blood types

Now that you know how blood works, here are the 7 blood types that you can find in V Rising, its passive effects and where can you find it. Although most offer benefits to the consumer, indefinite blood does not contribute anything and is the most common. It’s the player’s default blood, so there’s nothing special about it.

undefined blood

Every player has this blood type by default and you gain no benefit from consuming it. It is available in creatures like the ratswhile the player will also have this blood if he does not consume another or if just died.

creature blood

Creature blood in V Rising

Place the mouse cursor to know the quality of the blood

In general terms, this blood allows to improve the speed of movement, the stamina and health regeneration. It is a very common blood at first, but it is difficult to achieve 100% quality. It can be obtained from wild monsters like the werewolves found in an abandoned farm east of dunley.

  • Level I: Increases movement speed by 3-15%.

  • Level II: Increases resistance to sunlight by 10-25%.

  • Level III: Reduces the damage received from 10 to 20%.

  • Level IV: Increases health regeneration by 150%.

  • Tier V: Increases all mentioned effects by 30%.

rogue blood

This blood type has interesting benefits in critical hits and the speed of the weapon. It can be obtained from the militiamen, so you will have to fight more to get it and also they usually go in groups. They can be found walking through Farbane Forest or Dunley Farmland. If you’re lucky, 100% quality may be in the dawn break villagesoutheast of Dunley.

  • Level I: Increases the chance to critically hit on weapon attacks by 10-15%.

  • Level II: Increases movement speed between 8 and 15%.

  • Level III: Reduces the time of the travel ability by 12 to 25%. But it also offers a 100% chance to critically hit the next physical attack after using a travel skill.

  • Level IV– Increases the critical strike chance of exposing the victim’s armor by 50%, increasing the damage they take from all sources by 15% for 4 seconds.

  • Tier V: Increases all mentioned effects by 30%.

warrior blood

if you are looking for combat bonuses, the blood of the warrior is the most indicated. Increase the Physical damage and melee defense. This blood is also present in the militiamen, but you can use the power thirst for blood to differentiate between one and the other. The militiamen meet patrolling many areasespecially in Farbane Forest or around Dunley. Tu Tienda Online Especializada en Alfombras Spa para Bañera Compra AQUÍ tu Nueva Alfombra Hidromasaje para tu Baño y Disfrútala al Mejor Precio‎ Mejores Alfombras de Hidromasajes

  • Level I: Increases physical power by 10-20%.

  • Level II: Reduces the cooldown of weapon skills by 8-15%.

  • Level III: Reduces damage taken by 7.5-15% and increases damage by 25% when hitting enemies while at full health.

  • Level IV: Increases the chance to block an attack by 15%, reducing the damage received by 50%. Blocking an attack increases your damage by 25%.

  • Tier V: Increases all mentioned effects by 30%.

Worker’s Blood

Worker blood in V Rising

Worker blood is perfect for resource gathering

This type will help you when exploring and find resources, ideal to use in the first hours. Improves resource gathering and increases mount speed to cover more space in less time. Also you can get 100% quality from a prisoner, but find workers it’s not that easy. The quality improves in the northern locations, although you can start with dunley farms.

  • Level I: Increases resource harvest by 10-30%.

  • Level II: Increases damage against resource items by 15-25%.

  • Level III: Increases the speed of the mount by 10-20%.

  • Level IV: You have a 3% chance to instantly destroy a resource node and trigger a speed boost.

  • Tier V: Increases all mentioned effects by 30%.

blood of brute

Without a doubt, it is another good option to enter combat because it is a specialized blood type for take a lot of damage. Below you can see the bonuses that improve the primary attack, as well as speed, but the most interesting thing is the increased healing. Brutus’ blood can be found among militiamen and it is advisable to walk through the hills of Silverlight or the Farbane Forest to get it.

  • Level I: Increases Leech Life primary attack by 7.5-12.5%.

  • Level II: Increases increased primary attack speed by 7.5-15% and you gain 1 Gear Level.

  • Level III: Increases healing received by 20-35%. You can heal yourself for 4% of your victim’s health when you deal a killing blow.

  • Level IV: You have a 6% chance per relative health to improve movement speed by 20% and primary attack damage by 25%.

  • Tier V: Increases all mentioned effects by 30%.

Scholar’s Blood

Finally, we must talk about the scholar’s blood that increases the power of spells and reduces cooldown. It is perfect to unleash your magical power in combat because it will perfect your technique passively. You can get this blood in the nuns from the Dawnbreak Convent, although it is protected by a couple of level bosses. It wasn’t going to be that easy. You can also find this blood in the monastery west of Dunley.

  • Level I: Increases spell power by 12-25%.

  • Level II: Reduces the cooldown of spells by 8-15%.

  • Level III: Increases spell health by 5-10%.

  • Level IV: You have a 20% chance to reset the cooldown of the spell cast.

  • Tier V: Increases all mentioned effects by 30%.

This is all important information about V Rising blood, a resource you have to master good to use it wisely. You can change your blood type whenever you need it, since each one is designed for a game style. For example, worker’s blood is good for farming on stage and warrior’s blood gives more benefits for combat.


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