How to Play Covet Fashion Without Spending Money

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  How to Play Covet Fashion Without Spending Money

Covet Fashion is a fashion designing competition game on iOS and Android. Players enter challenges meeting certain requirements based on fashion season, color, material, and more. Completing all of these challenges, especially Flashback ones, can get pricey. How do you get ahead in Covet without spending real-life money?


If you click on the blue plus sign on the top of the screen, you”ll be led to a shop where you can purchase diamonds and more. Select the Earn tab and you’ll be scrolled down to the area of the menu show below. Click Watch Videos and you’ll be given a video advertisement that typically lasts between 10 and 30 seconds. Each video rewards 10 diamonds.

How to Play Covet Fashion Without Spending Money

TapJoy Offers

Right below the option to watch ads to earn diamonds, there’s an option to Claim your free Diamonds! Click this button and you’ll be taken to the TapJoy offer center. You’ll be able to complete a variety of offers for different diamond amounts. The best offers are usually installing apps (you only have to leave them open for about a minute) or viewing computer ads, such as for life insurance. Sometimes, TapJoy even runs offers where they reward double the diamonds.

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Join a House & Rallies

How to Play Covet Fashion Without Spending Money

One of the most lucrative ways to earn clothing and other rewards in Covet Fashion is to play in Rallies. To compete in a rally, you need to belong to a fashion house. Fashion houses assign you to a group of other random players, with the house run by an officer. You can also create your own house, but this takes longer for you to get a sizeable group. From there, your house will compete in rallies of various difficulties (classic, fancy, fierce) and if your team does well, you can get a lot of exclusive prizes.

Series Style Challenges

How to Play Covet Fashion Without Spending Money

Series Style Challenges are usually available monthly, with some additional events for seasonal transitions. They have set themes, such as a mermaid theme, where each challenge will have requirements surrounding it. There are about 6-7 challenges. These challenges are worth your time to enter since the prize for completing all is usually a hair accessory and a prop pack (total value $18).

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