I return to Minecraft to exact my revenge against the Ender Dragon, but it’s not enough: Wither, heat up

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  I return to Minecraft to exact my revenge against the Ender Dragon, but it’s not enough: Wither, heat up

Last week I told you the story of how I was humiliated by the Ender Dragon in Minecraft. I showed up at home stripped of my gear and with my honor at the bottom of the river of shame. Things were not going to be like that. I re-equipped myself and over the past weekend I managed to defeat that treacherous purple and black lizard. But it wasn’t enough… He wanted more!

My new archenemy in Minecraft: Wither, heat up

impart my revenge against the Ender Dragon It wasn’t enough to quench my hatred against Minecraft. I remembered the guide I made a few weeks ago about the Wither and I decided that I would finish satisfying my revenge by killing this being from hell… and never better said.

The process for engaging the Wither is slightly different than the Ender Dragon. you must summon itwhich allows you to choose the time and place where the battle takes place.

The first thing I did was go to the Nether or Hell to get everything I needed to summon the Wither. I was hoping that this process would lead to an exciting adventure to tell you about, but the reality is that I obtained the necessary materials extremely quickly and without too many scares.

After exploring the Nether for a few minutes, I found a fortress. Very close I found the Sand of souls. The guides recommend that you get 4 blocks (just enough to summon the Wither), but I decided to take a few more in case the wretch killed me and decided to disappear.

Then, I entered the fortress in search of the 3 Wither skeleton heads. They soon arrived and I put into practice my plan to fight these undesirables: build a Fortnite-style wall and leave a gap in the middle to hit them with my sword. They had no chance. First part of the mission completed!

Choosing the terrain and preparing the battle

Now it was time to choose the moment and the battlefield. Sun-Tzu already said it in his work The Art of War: “Know your enemy, know yourself and your victory will never be threatened. Know the terrain, know the weather conditions and your victory will be total.” This time he was playing at home, not like with the Elden Dragon.

Minecraft Experiential 1

The first thing I did was find a relatively flat area and finish paving it completely. I didn’t want a single obstacle that I didn’t create in my way. Next, I created obsidian using water and lava to build a small armored post, similar to WWII bunkers, and some cover in the form of walls.

My plan was to use the bunker and my bow for the first phase, when the Wither swarms around you and shoots skulls at you that take your life. when the wither change phasego down to the ground and chase you, then I would go out of the bunker and use the walls and shield to protect myself while I finish killing him with my sword.

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With everything ready, I started to create the structure of the Wither on top of the bunker. Just as I clicked to place the last skeleton head I made my mistake: the Wither causes a huge explosion when it is invoked. “Shit…” was all I could think as he stepped out of the blast radius. Trucos, Productos, Consejos y de todo para lucir un espectacular cabello rizado Todo para pelo rizado

Dude, where’s my Wither?

The Wither’s blast failed to knock down the obsidian roof of my bunker, but it was too late to try to get inside. Now I had to manage my resources well: 40 Loaves of Bread, 32 Golden Apples, a diamond sword, a shield, a bow, many arrows, and a couple of scores of rock and obsidian blocks.

Minecraft 2 experiential

I ran home first, but then I decided that the forest that was nearby It was going to be a better option for the first phase. I would improvise during the second… if it came. “The armor and the ate it should be enough to withstand the attacks of this fool,” she thought as he reached the forest.

Once again, I starred in a scene of runs and jogs through the trees worthy of Benny Hill. The trees fulfilled their function of coverage and little by little I was lowering the life of the Wither. Before reaching the middle, which is when it more or less changes phase, I decided that it was a good idea run to the bunker to try to lock him up.

After taking a lot of damage and spending all the bread and some apples, I managed to lower the Wither’s health and lock him in the bunker, who withstood the Wither’s attacks for approximately… two seconds? And I went back to the Benny Hill number.

Experiential Minecraft 3

I ran back into the woods. I could have gone home, but I didn’t want to risk destroying my garden and plants. Do not look at me like that. I know what face you have right now. One has priorities! I started using the tree trunks and shield to protect myself while zig-zagging and swinging with my sword.

I covered myself with the shield, I hit with the sword, I turned to run, I turned again and started again. All this jumping out of sheer panic. Within a minute I had a mini route in circles and I repeated it over and over again… until the wither disappeared. I wish I had seen the stupid face.

I started looking for the Wither in case it was stuck somewhere. After a few minutes of searching, I pause the music to see if I can hear anything. Any. “Illo, where is the chalao’ this?”, I think. And yes, life was still in the HUD. Empty, but it was.

The first thing I do is call my friend on Discord to ask if the Wither had any new phases or if it was a bug. He told me to pick at the ground because on very rare occasions it gets frozen a block or two deep. Any.

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“Well, I’ll have to summon it again…” I think as I head home. And before closing the door, the life of the wither disappears Y skip the achievement for killing him. “Well, it would be…”, I settled as I kept the few apples that I had left over.

What happened to the Wither? They probably got together my oversights and a lag in minecraft in notifying me that he had killed him. Maybe he killed him one of the times he quickly turned to run… or maybe he got stuck somewhere and died of boredom. I will never know. What I do know is that I have satisfied my desire to battle in Minecraft.

Has something similar happened to you killing the Ender Dragon or the Wither? How have your experiences been killing these bosses? Minecraft? I read you in comments!

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