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Color Challenge
Color Challenge Change color for pairs the same color and obtain the best scoreCategory:ArcadePLAY NOW


Goldie Princess Mommy Birth
Goldie Princess Mommy Birth Goldie is about to have a beautiful baby, but she needs a little help from you! Call 911 and while the ambulance...


Arena Shooter
Arena Shooter Fun FPS in which you compete with other players in an arena map.Controls:WASD or arrow keys to move; Left mouse button to fire; Right mouse button to aim; R to reload; Space to jump; 1-9 key to change weapon; T to open chat and enter to send; Category:ShootingPLAY NOW


Couples Love Album
Couples Love Album Be a part of this photoshoot with one of your favorite couples! You can change their clothes, hairstyles and also the setting! Create an amazing photo and then go ahead and decorate it. You can add cute effects, texts, frames...


Change The Color
Change The Color Change the color in white and black, catch the same color for obtain the best scoreCategory:ArcadePLAY NOW


Fun With Squirrels
Fun With Squirrels Fun with Squirrel is a tap based game where we have to tap the screen to make squirrel jump to the next pole. On his way, the squirrel will get nuts which will increase the time of game. so, you have to tap as fast to get on platforms.To make the game interesting, on the way, theme changes...


Mini Funny Selfie
Mini Funny Selfie Mini wants to take a selfie and post it on his social media, but his phone doesn't work! There's a lot of dirt on the phone so you have to clean it up. Remove all the remaining dust, change the broken button and polish it so the touch screen works properly. Mini is ready for the selfie. Oh, but wait, what outfit should he wear? Let's try...


Sumo Saga
Sumo Saga With cool japanese Sfx and cute graphics play "Sumo Saga"Its a single tap based game just tap on screen to jump on polesTap fast so sumo can climb to mountains..On every gameover...background and poles gets changed to give a nice feel to the gameStart Tapping!Category:ArcadePLAY NOW


Dunk Shot
Dunk Shot This is a very addictive game. we have to throw the ball in the basket and by this way we can make the high score. if we want to change the ball, we can do that too. Category:ArcadePLAY NOW


Judys New Brace
Judys New Brace Judy's is always cute and beautiful. She has the brace on her teeth to improvise her beauty. she is boring on her old brace. So, She planned to change the new braces. Could you help Judy to wear brace and decorate the brace with amazing designs? Have a great Fun...


Matching Shapes
Matching Shapes You control two shapes and can change them by touching sides of the screen or using arrow and mouse keys. You should change them so that they are the same as the incoming shapes that enter from top of the screen. You will earn score by matching correctly and going further. But you will lose if you can’t match the correct shapes. Category:ArcadePLAY NOW


Toy Shop
Toy Shop Welcome to our toy shop,here you will have to design beautiful dolls for three little girls.You can create and customize the dolls as you like,change their...


2 Cars
2 Cars Tap on screen to change cars direction and protect by obstacleCategory:ArcadePLAY NOW


Color Road
Color Road Join a brand new adventure game Color Road. Control the ball along the track which is Meandering and rolling. The color of your ball will change when it touches another ball with the same color. So as you touch the different color balls, the game will be restart. Have fun!Category:AdventurePLAY NOW


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Nina True Make Up
Nina True Make Up Actress Nina is famous for her style, but she needs a change. Create a new look by matching clothing items, accessory, make-up and hairstyle with this girls game of the True Make-Up Series.Category:make-up,girlsPLAY NOW


Xmas Furious
Xmas Furious This year Xmas will be furious! Many balloons invaded the North Pole, and Santa has to run to catch the gifts. But he changed his sleigh, and he is now fast and furious! Help Santa to dodge the balloons and ending with the highest number of gifts. You can pass all the levels?Category:arcadePLAY NOW


Ty Phu Chess
Ty Phu Chess Touch to play You can change your names on Settings Category:multiplayerPLAY NOW


Tap Routes
Tap Routes Tap the screen to change the ball's direction when it touches the blue arrow pad.Category:rikoshe-mobile-game-jamPLAY NOW


TankTrouble 2
TankTrouble 2 Controls:Shift+F Toggle FullscreenShift+P PauseShift+C Console (Good luck finding the commands!)On PC, the player controls are shown before the game starts. On mobile, move the joystick to move your tank, and fire with the button. If you want...


Snowman Creator
Snowman Creator Snowman Creatorby Theo ClarkeFirstly, select the device on which you're playing the game: computer or tablet.Use the red arrows on the left to customise your snowman with different ...


pathformers Double tap/ click to set the flagUse the buttons to change formations, or add/ destroy tanks.Category:educationalPLAY NOW


Match3 - 2048
Match3 - 2048 Touch on an empty field in order to create a new element (you can see the upcoming tile on the right side)PerksBombsDrag'n'Drop the bomb on an empty spot and double-tap/click on it. Then the countdown will start. Once the countdown is running, you cannot change the bomb position anymore.JokersDrag'n'Drop the joker on an ...


Magnetic Evasion
Magnetic Evasion Tap on the colored magnets to change there positionsCategory:puzzlePLAY NOW


Little Lights
Little Lights Keyboard controls:A Move leftD Move RightSwipe down with mouse/Down Arrow Key Bounce downSwipe up with mouse/V/Up Arrow Key Flick upYou can change the keybindings in the options menu if you want to:)-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------]...


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