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Cooking Fast 2 Donuts
Cooking Fast 2 Donuts Cook fast enough to pass levels and unlock the Frappe, Broccoli Soup and other recipes that you can cook for the customers.Earn coins and upgrade your cooking tools in your restaurant so you can prepare the recipes faster.Fast cooking gameplay with many levels.Category:CookingPLAY NOW


Kingdom Tower Defense
Kingdom Tower Defense Kingdom Tower Defense features:- amazing graphics- multiple levels- multiple upgradesCategory:ArcadePLAY NOW


PinataMasters Online
PinataMasters Online The pinatas are crazy, its time to shot them all. Travel all over the world and destroy all pinatas. Collect coins and buy new weapons and upgrades to smash all this cute and crazys pinatas. Over 100 levels, and 4 awesome worlds.Category:ClickerPLAY NOW


Hex Blaster
Hex Blaster Blast away all of the hexagons in this fun online arcade game. Stop any of the blocks from reaching the bottom as you shoot your balls upwards. Collect power ups to help reach a high score. Endless mode and...


Shopping Cart Hero HD
Shopping Cart Hero HD Do you have what it takes to be a hero? With a brand new HD version Shopping Cart Hero returns with more action than ever before, new graphics, new upgrades, and a awesome world. You have to reach the market, but its onlt possible with the best cart upgrades.Show your best tricks...


Mango Piggy Piggy vs Bad Veggies
Mango Piggy Piggy vs Bad Veggies Mango Piggy Piggy is back. This time, you're up against Bad Veggies.Knock out the Boss Veggie, then bounce on as many Bad Veggies as possible.Collect powerups to extend your streak, while collecting more mango points. Use collected mango points to...


FPS Clicker
FPS Clicker FPS Clicker features:- pixel graphics- upgrades- perksCategory:3DPLAY NOW


Temple Quest
Temple Quest Save your neck adventurer! Run for your life in an endless maze of temple ruins! Collect coins, power-ups and upgrade them to get as far as possible. Use special abilities of the outfits and fulfill various tasks. How long will you survive? Category:ArcadePLAY NOW


Alien Bot Madness
Alien Bot Madness Alien Bot robots are on the move and only you can stop them! Collect money and purchase upgrades while you struggle to defend the city walls in this action game. Use mouse to shoot, A/D for special abilities. Category:ShootingPLAY NOW


Hooked Inc Online
Hooked Inc Online Now you are a fisherman and you have a chance to become the richest man in the world. First, you need to fish by yourself to get coins. When you get enough money, you can upgrade your boat and your fishing skills. You can go to a new sea when you unlock it. Collect diamond boxes and coin boxes to increase your money. Have fun!Category:BoysPLAY NOW


The Dark One
The Dark One Explore a world full of magic. Fight with orcs, undeads, demons, pirates, knights, evil wizards. Collect gold and xp. Upgrade your spell and...


Stickman vs Zombies
Stickman vs Zombies Stickman vs Zombies features:- endless shooting gameplay- in-game shop with upgrades- spin the wheelCategory:ActionPLAY NOW


Guardians vs Zombies
Guardians vs Zombies Guardians vs Zombies features:- addictive gameplay- multiple levels- 3 abilities- upgrade systemCategory:ActionPLAY NOW


Robot Hero City Simulator 3D
Robot Hero City Simulator 3D The robot will complete many exciting tasks. He will fly over the city with a jet pack, shoot from the bazooka, escape from the police and the military. In order to survive in the city, the robot has such weapons as a giant hammer, ax, spear, sword and other weapons. A lot...


Animal hunters
Animal hunters Sniper guns in the game hunt different animals,like deer, rabbits, wolves, pigs, hawks and swans. get some money, upgrade their equipment, improve the attributes of equipmentCategory:ShootingPLAY NOW


Red Outpost
Red Outpost We have finally landed on Mars! Recruit astronauts from Earth to build your martian outpost.Harvest crops from the habitat, generate solar energy, mine martian rocks, and discover new technologies along the way. With proper management techniques, grow and thrive!Features:- Fun martian theme, suitable for science and space exploration enthusiasts- Endless gameplay- A variety of new upgrades and technologies- Ability to save and load games- Interactive...


EG Save Pilot
EG Save Pilot EG Save Pilot is an action game in which you must shoot down the enemy planes and eliminate them and to get points. You can earn points by collecting items on the page. You must also escape from rockets, otherwise you'll...


Rocket Clash 3D
Rocket Clash 3D Tactical team shooter, full of adrenaline and reckless action will brighten up any waiting time. Lead the resistance squad of special forces opposed to attempts of enemy intelligence agents to establish control over the missile base. In this battle you’ll harness the power of a tactical shortened version of the famous AK and...


Bitcoin Tap Tap Mine
Bitcoin Tap Tap Mine Tap on the screen to earn bitcoin.Collect enough bitcoin to purchase hardware upgrades. Increase your earning potential to purchase even better upgrades.Fancy your chances? Spin the wheel to win cool bitcoin prizes.Tap the...


My Free Farm 2
My Free Farm 2 Manage and upgrade your farm in this fun online browser game and become the most popular agriculturalist of all times!Category:[]PLAY NOW


Squad Defense
Squad Defense Squad Defense features:- 40+ levels- multiple soldiers to spawn- 3 skills- upgrade systemCategory:ActionPLAY NOW


Assault Fury
Assault Fury Assault Fury features:- multiple weapons- 40 levels- multiple npc types- upgrade systemCategory:ActionPLAY NOW


Blocky Traffic Racer
Blocky Traffic Racer Traffic Highway Driving is fun driving games, don't crash with other vehicles. Collect Energy to fix up your car and also don't forget to collect money which will help you to upgrade your cars or you can purchase other type of...


EG Hold Position
EG Hold Position EG Hold Position Move the mouse cursor to aim and start to click for firing at the enemy. Collect coins and upgrade turrets. ...


SICARIO KID You are the sicario kid, the mafia's hitman in the cruel world of money and blood. Kill as many as possible in a quick-shot duel, upgrade your gear, customize your look, raise your gang rank, and make your way to the top of cartel!Category:ActionPLAY NOW


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