Iconic Video Games That Still Deserve Their Own Movie Or Series

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Many zombie games hit the scene in the '00s. But if you were the type to stay up late with your friends playing multiplayer games, then the chances are extremely high you were playing "Left 4 Dead" and "Left 4 Dead 2."

Released in 2008 and 2009 respectively by beloved game developer Valve, the "Left 4 Dead" games have a wonderful sense of humor and a whole lot of zombies to fight. There are the Boomers, whose bile attracts other undead. Tanks spell doom for you if you are unlucky enough to be in their path of destruction. And, perhaps most memorably, there are the creepy Witches, who are set off if you get too close. Each game follows a different quartet of survivors looking to survive hordes of the infected and escape to safety. The games' major hook is their cooperative gameplay, which both unites players with a sense of brotherhood, and, much like "Mario Kart" before it, has ruined many a sleepover.

As a TV show, "Left 4 Dead"would be more fun, colorful, and lively than "The Walking Dead," which, for all its strengths, is one of the most emotionally draining shows around. Having a zombie show oriented around tongue-in-cheek humor and creative zombie kills could, in contrast, be a recipe for success if put in the right hands.

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