improvements in its gameplay, performance and more functions

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  improvements in its gameplay, performance and more functions

When we analyze Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin we point out that it may not be a game that will become one of the biggest must-haves this year, but it is one that is worth giving a try and that Team Ninja has shown that it is not forget, that’s why you posted patch 1.03 which is now available for download.

Among the most important points of this update we find some other novelty with quality of life improvements. For example, to avoid the unnecessary accumulation of dozens of objects, an option has been incorporated to automatically break up those that we do not want based on certain parameters, just as we will not automatically pick up those that are not too valuable.

To this is added another filter so that we do not see the objects that do not have an affinity with the job that we have selected at that moment, while in the online multiplayer mode we can now search for people with a similar level of equipment to ours.

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With respect to changes and improvementswe can see that the darkest areas of certain dungeons will now be brighter, the cooldown when receiving a devastating attack when the break bar is broken has been reduced, and the tutorial has also been simplified a bit more to make it easier meet the required requirements.

Performance is another point that you want to improve in the title, hence the frame rate during conversations with allies, as well as the inhabitants of the main city, will go to 30fps to avoid problems with the resolution. But the best thing is that you take a look at the patch notes in full if you want to see all the details.

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