Is The iPhone 12 Good Enough For Gaming?

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With all the talk about the A14 Bionic chip being the most powerful processor yet. We decided to test the iPhone 12 (read our full review) out with some mobile games. Watch the video above and watch us play PUBG Mobile, Asphalt 9, Genshin Impact and Vainglory to find out if it’s the gaming beast you were hoping for.

Here are the AnTuTu score benchmarks:

  • Overall – 573,719
  • CPU – 158,674
  • GPU – 221,912
  • MEM – 100,825
  • UX – 92,300

Alternatively, there’s also the iPad 8 to consider as a gaming tablet solution:

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Or even the 4th Gen iPad Air: Todas las Noticias, Imagenes, Eventos, Articulos, Juegos y toda la informacion sobre el universo de Captain Tsubasa en castellano. Captain Tsubasa Spain

Is The iPhone 12 Good Enough For Gaming?

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