John Cena Reportedly Eyed For 'Duke Nukem' Live-Action Movie

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Duke Nukem is one of the most iconic video game characters ever. As such, it was only a matter of time before he received a well-earned big screen adaptation.

For decades, studios have been kicking the tires on a possible film centred around the hyper-masculine hero, but nothing ever panned out. Now, however, it looks like a movie may actually be in the works, and the project apparently has its eyes on a big time star. Paramount was said to be developing the pic a couple of years ago and according to our sources – the same ones who told us the Fast & Furious franchise is headed to outer space, and a Witcher prequel is in development at Netflix – John Cena is being considered to play the titular role in the upcoming feature.

Of course, he was initially linked to the part a few years back, but with no further updates having emerged since then, fans were left wondering whether or not Cena remained attached. And while he’s by no means locked in just yet, we’re told that he’s indeed still under consideration and being eyed for the job.

Duke Nukem

The WWE legend has been trying to break into Hollywood for a while now with roles in Trainwreck and the Daddy’s Home franchise, while lately he’s been accepting more prominent parts in movies such as Bumblebee, F9, Dolittle and more. Not to mention his character Peacemaker in The Suicide Squad is also getting his own spinoff on HBO Max. Suffice it to say, the wrestler’s acting career is really starting to take off.

The best way to truly cement his status as a rising star is to anchor an action blockbuster all on his own, though, and portraying Duke Nukem in a Deadpool-esque fashion would definitely be a quick way to establish his credibility (assuming the flick doesn’t bomb, of course). Given the former wrestling champion’s impressive stature and hulking muscles, he certainly seems like the perfect choice to play the crass character, while the part would also allow the 43-year-old to show off his acting chops a bit.

In any case, Duke is a larger than life personality who’s as heroic as he is hilarious, so anything short of a spectacular performance will be unacceptable for the fans. Let’s just hope that they choose the right person, then, whether it ends up being Cena or someone else.

Tell us, though, who do you want to see play Duke Nukem? Sound off down below with your pick.

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