Just Because A Game Gets Canceled Doesn't Mean You Can't Play It

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Games based on movies are nothing new. Games based on specific actors are. Oh, sure, a handful of celebrities have headlined their own action title— hey there, 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand—but none seem better suited to video-game stardom than Mr. Aikido himself, Steven Seagal.

Oddly enough, Steven Seagal Is the Final Option was put into development before Seagal's biggest hit, Under Siege, arrived in theaters. According to producer Jeff Tarr, Seagal's status as king of action schlock made him the perfect video game character, and Tarr hoped kids who stopped by the local Blockbuster would be tempted to rent Seagal's signature video game (back when that was still a thing you could do) alongside some of his movies.

Even though it's not finished—or maybe because it's not finished—The Final Option feels like one of Seagal's low-budget action flicks, too. For one thing, it doesn't actually star Steven Seagal. Publisher TekMagic had the rights to Seagal's name and image and created the game's characters by digitizing footage of real actors à la Mortal Kombat, but it was easier and cheaper to use a stuntman instead of Seagal himself.

As for the plot? Well, it's hard to figure out from the leaked prototype, which is full of placeholder text, but according to fans who've gone through the ROM looking for answers, it has something to with a weapons manufacturer named Nanotech, and Seagal's former partner, who was killed after Steven decided he didn't want to play by the rules. As a game, Steven Seagal Is the Final Option is a basic beat 'em up, but as a tribute to Seagal's storied career, it's damn near perfect.

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