Kirby’s Ghost Trap leads the new batch of games

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  Kirby’s Ghost Trap leads the new batch of games

We don’t know if Kirby’s anniversary will have anything to do with it, but Nintendo has recovered the custom of releasing new classic games on Switch every month and by surprise in nintendo switch online, and despite the fact that many of the most attractive have been available since the service was inaugurated, everything that arrives at no additional cost is welcome with open arms.

Starting today, and after the rigorous update, all subscribers of the Switch online subscription service will be able to play the SNES and NES classics at Kirby’s Ghost Trap, Fighter’s History Y Daiva Story 6: Imperial of Nirsartia. Games that, by the way, automatically receive all the additional benefits such as online play and save on the fly.

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  • Starting we have Kirby’s Ghost Trap, known beyond the old continent as Kirby’s Avalanche. In essence, it is the Super Puyo Puyo that Nintendo itself located beyond the Japanese country filling it with characters from the Kirby saga. What better than the stars of the house to sponsor puzzle games Made in Japan?

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  • More interesting is the inclusion of Fighter’s History, the “clone” of street-fighter that Capcom itself tried to withdraw (without success). An ugly move by the house of the blue bomber? Well, of all the hopefuls to compete with Ryu and company, the one from Data East was the one who was most shamelessly inspired by the arcade phenomenon.

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  • Daiva Story 6: Imperial of Nirsartia It is the only proposal that is added to the 8-bit Nintendo catalog. An active war simulator that comes to us untranslated from Japanese, although with some of the texts in the language of Shakespeare. At least, the description of the game before starting it allows us to locate ourselves a little in the events.

Although the new batch of games pales compared to the first ones, in which Nintendo brought out the heavy artillery with the essentials of the SNES and the NES, the truth is that deep down it is appreciated that not-so-remembered rarities find a new opportunity to shine Which does not mean that there is a lot of jewel in the Brain of the Beast catalog that deserves to be rescued.

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Japanese gamers are not left without their own puzzle game

As we commented, Kirby’s Ghost Trap it is still a localized and modified version of the Super Puyo Puyo of Super Famicom in which Kirby takes the absolute leading role. Does that mean Japanese Nintendo Switch Online subscribers will get the original title? The reality is that they will take another exclusive game from the Japanese shelves.

All Nintendo Switch Online subscribers with the console set to the Japanese region will be able to play Kirby no KiraKira Kidsa title that only saw the light in the land of the rising sun which, in turn, was an improved and more successful version of our Kirby’s Star Stacker from GameBoys.

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yes, so much Fighter’s History What Daiva Story 6: Imperial of Nirsartia they are present worldwide, with the advantage that Japanese players will be able to understand much better what happens in the second of the games.

The Big N rounds off a spectacular summer for Nintendo Switch owners on the eve of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and on the same day that it launches one of its most greedy exclusive games: Live a Live.

Of course, another month that is clear that the most benefited are the subscribers of the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack: Pokémon Puzzle League of Nintendo 64 and four Mega Drive classics arrived in the first half of July.

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