Kojima wanted Snake to have pet rats, but he scrapped the idea.

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  Kojima wanted Snake to have pet rats, but he scrapped the idea.


The rats would have had a more important role in the first installment of Metal Gear Solid.

Today Metal Gear Solid is one of the best games everthis being a work that was born from the mind of Hideo Kojima, whose trajectory in the video game industry catalogs him as a genius of it.

However, despite the fact that many will be eager for the creator and his masterpiece to come together again in another project, the truth is that Kojima’s dismissal makes this possibility difficultbeing that of Konami and the creative one of the most mediatic divorces in the industry.

A curiosity of Metal Gear Solid unpublished to date

Be that as it may, despite the fact that the possibility of seeing a new Metal Gear Solid by Kojima is quite remote (and after seeing Survive better than Konami not try it on your own), we will always have the original title and everything that is did and could be done. And under this same premise, we have recently learned that Snake may have had a pet rat in the PSOne title.

This has been known thanks to a new video from the DidYouKnowGaming channel, where the original voice actor of Solid Snake, David Hayter has commented some of the ideas that were in the development of the game. In this way, near the beginning of the video, Kojima himself would say that his intention was name the ratsso that we could take care of them as if they were a pet. ADDA. Auditorio de la Diputación de Alicante

The justification that the creator gives to this fact is that Shadow Moses, which is located in Alaska, is an isolated and very cold place, in such a way that the first thing Snake sees as soon as he arrives are rats. That’s where the link would have come from.

Also, it should be noted that, although Metal Gear Solid 4 refers to this fact, since Snake states that the rats are like his friends. At least curious everything that has arisen around this topic, so it will be necessary to see if this idea is taken up or not in the rumored remake of Metal Gear Solid.

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