Live Stream Bloopers That Prove Pokimane is Still Human

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Though it may seem impossible considering the franchise's scope, there are still some gamers who have yet to play a Call of Duty game. At one point, one of these gamers was Pokimane. Determined to change that fact, Imane installed Call of Duty: Modern Warfare on one of her streams so she could jump right into combat once the game download had completed.

However, when she stepped away from the computer during the installation process, Imane, unfortunately, left her email and Activision ID on full display for the Twitch chat to see. Unsurprisingly, by the time she returned to her computer, Pokimane had been bombarded with messages from her fans. Luckily, the streamer handled the situation in stride and remarked, "I'm almost not mad because it's comical for me to go AFK at that exact moment."

It just goes to show, even after hundreds upon hundreds of hours of streaming, it's still incredibly easy to let personal information slip to your viewers. Fortunately, nothing too intimate was put up on screen, and all Pokimane had to deal with was an annoying influx of fan mail.

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