'Madden NFL 21' Guide Reveals the Best Playbooks for Your Game

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Pick up some great player cards and find out what the best playbooks are here.

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Want to get some really good rewards from Madden NFL 21’s Ultimate Team mode without having to spend any money? There are quite a few ways to do this and you can net some fairly strong players as a result. Here are a few unlockables that are worth picking up.

  • Lamar Jackson – One of the better quarterbacks, it’s possible to get an 85 OVR card for Jackon by scoring 5 touchdowns in Superstar KO.

  • Master Andre Johnson – With an OVR of 89, Master Andre Johnson is pretty good. To unlock it, simply reach MUT Level 7. This can be done by simply playing the game and gaining XP.

  • Rookie Master Isaiah Simmons – Complete the Core Rookie Master Set to get Rookie Master Isaiah Simmons. You’ll need cards for Chase Young, Joe Burrow, Braden Mann and Derrick Brown, and then thirty-nine 75-79 OVR Rookie cards and twenty-two 72-74 OVR Rookie cards to complete the set. The Rookie cards can be of anyone.

  • Loyalty Reward Pack – Players of Ultimate Team mode in previous Madden titles will receive a Madden Loyalty Reward Pack for free. It contains six player options in total, namely Patrick Peterson, Darius Leonard, Emmanuel Sanders, Demarcus Lawrence, Andrew Whitworth and Mark Ingram II. However, there’s a catch. You’re only eligible for the pack if you’ve played MUT from previous games in the last three years. Those who have played in all three of those years can choose three players from the six. Those who have played only two or one title in the past three years can only select two or one out of the six players respectively.

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Playbooks offer a range of different formations and strategies, and are divided into Offensive, Defense and Overall. They’re essentially to planning out different plays. You’ll find a number of different custom playbooks made but the community but the standard playbooks can be very good as well. Check out the guide below for more details on the top 5 best playbooks, from the Seattle Seahawks to the Las Vegas Raiders.

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