Marvel Explains Where The X-Men Omega Are

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 Marvel Explains Where The X-Men Omega Are

Marvel takes a stand and talks about the role the Omega-qualified X-Men play within their universe.

For many years, fans Marvel have discussed the place occupied by the X Men inside of the marvel universe and which is the most powerful mutant of the Omega Level in a hypothetical battle in which all of them will meet face to face. However, the editorial writers have approached this question in a somewhat different way and that is that they understand the omega level otherwise lessening some importance.

Marvel takes a stand and talks about the role Omega-qualified X-Men play within their universe

An Omega mutant is one who has higher than average powers. These mutants are considered truly deadly and include very disparate characters such as Iceman, Legion and Jean Gray among others.

The Omega Level has always been taken into account when creating stories about the X Men and has been around since the publication of the comic Uncanny X-Men #208 which was released in 1968. Chris Claremont, Dan Green and John Romita Jr.great creators of Marvelexplained that it is not of the greatest importance to know which mutant from the region of Krakoa is the strongest.


Magneto is the main villain of the X-Men.

They added that the Omega Level is not permanent that it can always be susceptible to change, that is, the nature of a mutant can be affected by various circumstances. Al Ewing explained that mutants are a universe in itself with vast possibilities. These were the words of Leah Williams, writer of X-Factor and X-Men: The Trial of Magneto:

Readers get used to a different set of expectations when it comes to character abilities and powers. We writers don’t always have those expectations as we see it in a different way. The X-Men Omega they are a way to discover new stories that allow discovering the true limit of the characters, but their situation can be affected and changed from one moment to another.

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Marvel: X-Men Unite for Missions

The mutants of Krakoa are about to enter a new episode within their story with the upcoming comic series: Destiny of X. It will have the creators Kieron Gillen and the artist Lucas Werneck.

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