Marvel May Have Revealed Blade In The MCU And No One Has Realized

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  Marvel May Have Revealed Blade In The MCU And No One Has Realized


Marvel may have revealed the design for the MCU’s new Blade and a lot of people haven’t noticed.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to expand, because new characters are introduced every time to contribute something to the story that, with each series or movie, unfolds. It recently finally premiered the Disney+ series Ms. Marvelin which we can meet the young Kamala Khan.

However, on this occasion, we will not deal with the first chapter of the series as such, but rather we will highlight something that may have escaped many and it is that perhaps Marvel has revealed the design that the Blade from the MCU. But you should know that this post contains spoilers of the episode 1 of the series of Ms. Marvelso you should continue reading at your own risk.

Marvel has officially introduced Kamala Khan (MS. Marvel)

The new Disney+ series, Ms Marvel, has finally premiered

The new Disney+ series, Ms Marvel, has finally premiered

To address this fact, it is necessary to point out that it occurs in the first episode of the new Marvel series for Disney +, starring Iman Vellani as Kamala Khan. This chapter is entitled “Generation Why” and serves to introduce some of the characters that we will see throughout history, not only Kamala.

It is important to note that all these events they are located chronologically two years after what happened in Avengers: Endgamewhich is why superheroes have become a popular topic and many people idolize them.

Kamala admires all the heroes who faced the Mad Titan, but has a special fascination for Captain Marvel and all the adventures that this has lived. Therefore, it was impossible for the girl not to attend the Avengers Con, to enjoy this world a little more. Tu Tienda Online Especializada en Alfombras Spa para Bañera Compra AQUÍ tu Nueva Alfombra Hidromasaje para tu Baño y Disfrútala al Mejor Precio‎ Mejores Alfombras de Hidromasajes

In this first chapter, we can also see Kamala manipulate cosmic energy at will, as well as creating things out of thin air after wearing a magic bracelet, showing that he has great power. Although this is all part of a fun scene, it also hides many references to the heroes we have met throughout the Phases of the MCU.

Has Marvel Revealed The MCU’s Blade Design?

Marvel may have revealed the look of the MCU's future Blade

Marvel may have revealed the look of the MCU’s future Blade

In a scene where we walk Kamala through the Avengers Con panels, we can see a person in the background is cosplaying what seems to be the new design that the Blade will have of the MCU. We can sense this, since he wears the character’s classic trench coat and sunglasses.

This may be a coincidence or indeed it is the public presentation of this new version of Blade relative to the day walker. And, in case it’s the latter, we can commend Marvel for sticking to the official design of the character in the comics, which isn’t too far from the look actor Wesley Snipes wore in his version of Blade back in the day. some years.

now everything will depend on how Marvel wants to present the character and if he is already working again on his secret operations. At the moment, we can only speculate until the company offers us details officially, but there is a possibility that this new look will look like this. adaptation of the mighty vampire slayer from Marvel.

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