Massive Ways the Xbox Series X and PS5 Are Changing Gaming

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The wait for the next-generation continues with rumors claiming that the Xbox Series X and PS5 will launch in early and mid November respectively. However, for all the numbers and hardware specs that have been thrown out, how will these actually change gaming as we know it? What improvements can be expected to one’s usual gaming experiences? Let’s take a look at 12 such features here.

Native 4K

Gaming in 4K isn’t necessarily new, as seen with PC games. However, native 4K gaming, that too at an affordable budget, is something that’s been out of reach for many. The PS4 Pro and Xbox One X provided different solutions, from checkerboarding to native 4K but the PS5 and Xbox Series X will both be capable of native 4K out of the box for most games while also offering a higher graphical fidelity and other features. These include…

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