MCU Superhero Powers We Haven’t Seen In The Movies Yet

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  MCU Superhero Powers We Haven’t Seen In The Movies Yet

In contrast to some of the other characters we’ve mentioned, Thor Odinson enjoys plenty of screen time in the MCU, with Chris Hemsworth portraying the God of Thunder in three of his own films and all four “Avengers” movies. He enjoys a full-on character arc regarding his superpowers, not to mention gaining a second mystical weapon in the form of the axe Stormbreaker. And yet, there is one power that MCU Thor hasn’t pulled out yet, and it dates back to his earliest appearances in Marvel Comics.

Thor debuted in 1962 in the pages of the series “Journey into Mystery,” and the extreme silliness of those first Thor comics has been well-documented. In “Journey into Mystery” #86, Thor encounters the time-traveling villain Zarrko, the Tomorrow Man. While under assault by one of Zarrko’s futuristic inventions, Thor regains the upper hand via the use of … his breath weapon? Todo sobre productos Xiaomi, moviles, gadgets y toda su amplia gama de productos Todo sobre productos Xiaomi

“He draws in a great breath,” the narration proclaims, “and then he exhales it, with hurricane force!” Not only does this mystical wind send Zarrko scurrying, but “the supernatural fury of the gale pierces the dimension-veil before it can be fully closed,” meaning Thor’s breath can literally travel across dimensions. Hopefully he didn’t eat any garlic.

This is, as far as we can tell, the sole instance of Thor’s hurricane breath, and it’s easy to see why — it’s a bit goofy. Still, with Thor’s next appearance coming alongside the Guardians of the Galaxy in a movie directed by the notoriously zany Taika Waititi, you never know.

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